Gang Stalking, Surveillance, the never nowhere. The Papantla Flyer Strategy Global Diagram

After the problem i had wich scalated to a nevernowhere point i have come to realize there is such thing as gang stalking groups and after some time of going back and foward they seem to function in a simple way.

First there is regular surveillance as easy or sophisticated as needed watch the target schedule and then follow it, regular surveillance requires you not to be seen so, what is their pourpose?, it might have different pourposes dependending on the target, a violent response, patsy or bigger isues like terrorism, that could push to some kind of agenda, or simply to extract some information like fishing.

So its simple the target is observed then tagged with a scrabble type startegy, this can be done trough any internet site or « direct communication with the stalker torugh adds, shuts down etc, the traget is given a tag, based on personality and hobbies for example violent or if it watches alien movies, religion or whatever, to this bots and other stalker types will comment and continue to tag on the target using passive aggressive techniques, same thing is done in a physiscal level, never engaging the target but trying to keep constant pressure and narrow down an action profile, incrimination, violence, etc.

Once the target is tagged ques can be given trough adds or other means to passively engage the target, so there is never any communication.

How are the staleker aquired?.

It seems they are a piramid unaware of the other ecehlons, they can be acquired trough blackmail, internet history, crimes, promises like secret societies, etc.

And the more traditional means police acquires informants, altough there is a significant difference between this two groups.

The first one is aware of who and what is happening and functions mostly within its enviroment, the second one might or might not have any actual contact with police or any other agency, this divides them in another more significant group wich seems to be an uninented consquence.

This uncontacted group is now part of an international pool, at the same time this same techniques can easily be used across borders, so different groups with different agendas can profile and target individuals, creating a dilemma for local goverments as to who exactly this people are?, this also might be used to push for a bigger agenda using the papantla flyer technique choking local goverments, throu target, rumor and basicaly the same techniques on a larger scale adding up until it reaches a critical point.

An interestin unintended consequence of this uncontacted method of communication is that once tagged they will keep piling up, regardless of the circumstances as they try to maintain deniability of their actions so they will continue if they feel there is a response from the target, that confroms with their expectations, since they can never be directly told to stop,this also point to some sort of bonding and the way they could be trained as it is simple enough, using a never nowhere , scrabble and community technique, the last one might or moght not be encouraged by local agencies.

In my personal experience it started trough simple surveillance, it grew into the virtual from, it connected the two, then the information fishing began some was given for a varity of reasons, and then after explaining some consequences and techniques of bith actins trough metaphor videos, they piled up, regardless of what it was the fished information, wich was clearly written only requiring some knowledge and extrapolation, after this point they swarm started to thin, and at some point it was even more subtle, altough this points to an actual agency direct  interference, due to any number of factors, at the time being they are mostly gone regardless they have been narrow down to only two types, those interested in the subject and direct surveillance action, from this a new paradigm arises wich was apparently tried during this time with the apparent pourpose to create a bound, that will push for an specific agenda, the those interested type, as so far i have not been contacted by anyone directly, still those are the two main possibilities along with a lost drone still following a tag.

The Papantla Flyer stratagem