Current Situation and explanation of the possible repercussions, motivations.

After being on surveillance for a while, they left and came back three times, the surveillance was changed to what i assumed was provocations (done by people perceived as vulnerable up close and far away by regulars) this went on for a while, until enough evidence was collected, and a lawsuit was presented, along with a request to human rights for access to the see if there was some sort of investigation against me, none work as both told me they couldn’t do anything, however the provocations stopped, gradually.

But at the same time they increased on the virtual world (the provocations were based upon mentioning indirectly something i’ve just said or did recently through the internet) this went on for a while, in different manners and in some cases they were accompanied by physical provocations (sound, claxons, energy discharges) with the apparent aim to make me notice something in the internet (a post, news or some bot) after some time the post started focusing on weapons (more than usual) and in some cases in a follow up manner about specific weapons.

This went on from around:

-actual surveillance november 2014


-provocations which i later identified as gang stalking marz -2015 lawsuit presented on  september 18 2015.october 21 2015 presented to the district attorney.


-mixed 27 november 2015- june 2016 varied intensity. (cyber stalking accompanied of outside noises with the apparent motive to make me notice something.


-reduced “gang stalking” august 2015 april 2016 cyber and physical, along with what seemed actual surveillance, varying intensity.

On 2016 the situation changed a little, this was noticeable through my facebook news feed, it started sending more weapons post than normal, eventually they were chained together, this was my first weapons post on RCP weapon systems page (cluster ammunitions satellite) after this the chain post increased.

At this point the situation changed as the way in which they were chained together referenced the rest of the weapons posted on the same page (they never existed in the actual format)  and are theoretical, nevertheless their capabilities, and repercussions along with the situation itself, “forced me” to post them.

By november 2016 there was a “metaphorical conversation” about this ( juicio facebook page). until somewhat the present time, followed at times by bots (the papantla flyer strategy).

The problem

The actual surveillance with no apparent reason, the gang stalking which was obvious and continued after the weapons were there in physical and virtual form ( one can assume actual surveillance was present the entire time national and international).

The capabilities and repercussions of the weapons, if it was a model or something else it could be dismissed as surveillance and fishing for information. (which might have been how it started) however given the assumption of actual surveillance along with, “civilian and automatised gang stalking, and the weapons capabilities this is dismissed, as the only way they could get information on the systems, using this technique  is the way they got it, in a public post.

The weapons

The first one was closely related to the papantla flyer strategy technology, the cluster ammunition anti satellite missile.

The others are based upon this same model, the birdshot missile defense and the Anti Air battery.

In theory (with a high probability of functioning) they could have significant implications on the geopolitical landscape.

Besides their basic explanation no more information has been given concerning them, at least not directly,(the metaphorical conversation continues).

The reasons and facts


They were fishing for information
They had partial knowledge of the systems

There were “bots” following this conversation seemingly unaware of what it was actually about.
It was done in a way that the information fishing got mixed with the “gang stalking” and the surveillance.
Neither stopped regardless of what it was.
The “bots” stopped recently, or seemingly realizing this,  got more discreet, or not they actually had a purpose, this remains unknown from my point of view.


They got the information although apparently not all of it.
They changed and are trying to fish for more or some other similar reason.

They are looking for a motive (there can’t be one due to the reasons explained)
They are trying to anticipate a response, logically this can only be to get more information, given the continuity of the facts, nothing else will make sense.

The information fishing had to be done with a purpose, else i will have no other reason to acknowledge its existence, this along with their theoretical capabilities, and the evident gangstalking  implies previous partial knowledge and expected result.



Them withholding it is natural response, as similar prototypes might exist in other countries.
Continuing with the same implies fishing for the rest of the weapons information.
The gangstalking varying in intensity implies either censorship,  repercussions elsewhere or a specific purpose.

Ignoring this, is due to the last three factors mentioned., along with actual  judicial cause to do anything or acknowledge that they were, except for the private companies involved, which might be there either as victims, accomplices, curious or bystanders.

 My reasons

Witholding the information now, will not change anything except being copied as another prototype.
It was not done in a clear format for its theoretical repercussions. (there is no choice now)
Waiting to publish more details or info on the other weapons, is  to avoid the existing prototype problem.
Detailing information is a response to the techniques used, the lack  of any direct conversation or response by any of the parties involved, mixed with the  possible repercussions for all including the « bots », gangstalkers, surveillance, particulars, etc, wich incidentaly the repercussions are never  directly affecting  me, except for the actual surveillance (wich its back and at some point they seem to want to be seminoticed).

 (see the papantla flyer strategy for more information on a simple way to accomplish this).

Changes will continue to be reported in this sections for this reasons.