Duels should be legal, however there is no simple way to do this since age or expertise for example might force the recruitment of a champion at wich point it becomes a probabilities bet sort of speak, however the champion could be refused until an agreement is met by the two sides and the champion can only be called as a last resort.

A solution might be to keep two different set of  legal duels, one being the choosing of any close combat weapon including unarmed and a revolver match in an undisclosed location, the opponets start as far as each other as possible and have a certain ammount of time, if the 12 shot miss the duel is over, or the ammount of bullets might chosen at the start , other weapons could be used however the revolvers and the place will nullify several advantages of other weapons, like long range, sustained fire, etc, with the revolvers its more of positioning and getting close and a little bit of aimining, since the ammount of bullets is small.

A closing perimeter timer could be added to this, so as to avoid  just waiting somehwere concealed and it should be on live tv like a duel channel.