The war algorithm

The combinations and the basis

There are X number of combinations possible for the autonomous weapons so to simplify, i will write only the basis of the system.However there is no way to find out what it was since the AI for the sake of simplicity was based on ranges and they were conceived for small shock/def PMC units for more info see Legal Disclaimer macross-prototypes-Ai-consuls

The AI basic chassis

The main command tank.- It will have a preloaded map for its area of operations, it will be used once the squad reaches its destination, they can either be dropped or it will move following an azimuth with predefined turning points given by distance traveled.

The secondary command vehicles.- they will create anchor points for the main tank, but will function in a similar way, they could also incorporate batteries or recon sensors.

recon vehicles.- They will map the battlefield in real time for the tank, and keep the communications running between the squad.

the squad.- They will move between the main battle tank and the anchors, using lines of fire , so they only need the anchor points and the main tank, using range and high ground for simplicity of movement, they could also understand concealment but it will require them to manage it along line of sight.

As you can see any type of chasis could be used as an anchor point, with comman control range being dependant on the communications devices used, antennas could widen the range of the offensive vehicles and so on, something similar can be used for energy and navy carriers.

The second type of autonomous weapon systems requires more complex systems, to function.

assault squads.- They will require a preloaded map, so they can use concealment, and different types of weapons, they are more complicated to use, besides they are only useful once range is no longer a viable defense option.

Batterie.- They will function as anchors and battery cahrges for the rest of the squad, nuclear, solar, etc.

The squads can take any type and number of units , so each squad will require specific commands to functions properly, but using this simple steps they will be able to operate anywhere, however they will be more dangerous on the sea and space, since they can « kite » enemy units for indefinite periods of time.

AI the war algorithm

The AI, is based on the REX tank and the small carrier, it uses semiautonomous drones with task set by proximity to the tank and range given by the weapons, so a “Tank” squad will move together, each with an specific task given by how far they are from the battlefield, although it could operate in large numbers (similar to how it is currently done) it seems it will perform better in small teams, swarming an area, advancing and retreating depending on enemy movement, this will also allow them to operate independently using a chain of command structure, task/range/weapons*drone—tank/CAS/Combat Zone/*command tank, also, each battlegroup will be using, IR, silencers, and Tracers, that will allow the “drones” and soldiers to easily see, so the groups will be relatively close to each other while keeping assault/close-range/artillery and light tanks beyond enemy range.

The system also uses a close range (radio/wifi/Bluetooth/etc) signal, to communicate with the tank, this will allow it to set the first line of cyber-defense using range and individual encrypted signals, it could also integrate a unified command structure, connected to the rex tanks, that will update the system but will remain a strategy support network.

Its importance is that this system will allow REX tanks to incorprate any weapon systems land/air/sea/space and operate autonomously for indefinite periods of time, not requiring any external networks to function properly, but able to incorporate two types of networks the artificialy created network that could allow REX tanks to identify each other if made in the same place and the upper external network.

The first network will be identical for all REX tanks regardless of where they are made its basically search and destroy missions, with an specific bearing, and any other mission parameters set before deployment area size, destination, etc.

This creates two different types of tactics a classical battle line with upper network support and independent hunting teams, with anchor points and relay antennas.

The Weapons and the usb

For anyone looking at the usb, the Algorithm will be a list of weapons near a scifi story, about a futuristic city with the hope to become a videogame wich is what will happend once they become widespread.

For the missiles their functioning will be almost indistiguishable from a modern long range AA missile like the patriot or s/400 and the batterie will be similar to that of an old german flak batterie from ww2.However all put together it might have been possible to deduce the formula, but it was never written, except forthe birdshot antisatellite missile, for more info on this you can follow this links with three parts and check the archive and legal disclaimer sections, however the editor keeps moving the writings thus i have tried to compile the most imprtant information in this entry.

The missile shields are based n the trophy system and tank reactive armors, so they function like a phalanx navy machinegun, except they are deployed independently so are capable of guarging any area, since normaly missiles, rockets or artellery can come from a limited number of places thus vector defense, this also allows them use less energy for targeting once the missile is on trajectory.

This system could also be used with low orbit satellites creating interval fiels of fire when the icbms enter its target trajectory.

The AA missiles function in a similar way the importance is the formula so each missile will fire from different angles to where the plane can move according to distance, the more missiles there are the more accurate the central targeting system will be and the less sensors are needed to adjust trajectory unlike current systems, this also can be used for portable AA missile systems connected together.

To get a better understanding you can check here, or is a war simulator that show what the upper strategic network might look like, finally here is part of the city.

The weapons


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