Hotspots, Control zones and the inverse refugee

Within the next years low intensity conflicts will grow around the corridor that goes from somalia, central africa, libya, syria, irak, afghanistan, kashmir, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines, although this areas are already in conflict due to sectarian violence or war, there are two major factor that will have a significant impact regardless of anything else, first the war in syria, this will move fighters back and forth along the corridor and second China economic expansion, this second factor is inevitable as china now has to expand locally unlike before in which t relied on exports, along with china economic expansion there will be immigration and opportunities for every country around china’s economic influence, which will also bring immigration, this two factors will create a mix between the flow of fighters, immigrants, refugees and capital, increasing crime, sectarian violence and low intensity conflicts all along this corridor.


This is inevitable due the historical instability of the area and china growing economy and influence within the region, at the same time this same situation can grow along the countries bordering this region for similar reasons refugees, immigration and historical violence and is from this corridor that the majority of refugees come from, at least in mass.

There are three major groups of refugees those running from conflict, those doing it for socioeconomic reasons and those who are politically persecuted, the first ones will move in large quantities and then immigration will diminish until the conflict is resolved, the second ones will do it at a regular speed over a period of time and the last ones will move in small numbers, so they are not part of this issue, although conflict and socio economic refugees share some characteristics the focus will be on the first ones and eventually, at which point, both connect within a similar solution.


Hotspots and Control Zones


When there is a conflict the first affected will be the border countries, refugees will continue to move is this countries cannot accommodate them due to socioeconomic reasons or violence, so refugee camps will normally grow around this areas eventually moving up to other countries where there are more opportunities, creating a different type of refugee camp and eventually other problems like reintegration.


A solution for this is to reintegrate them as fast as possible within the country they come from, to do this a series of cities can grow along the first response refugee camp, diving the refugees  into smaller groups along the border and if needed along the routes taken by them, the objective is to create self sustainable towns that will eventually “colonize” the country they came from, moving the towns within the countries borders safe zones.

To accomplish this once refugees arrive at the first response camps, they should be relocated to another town according to what skills they already have if they don’t they should be trained in the skill needed, the objective is to create a local economy reducing the cost of aid and at the same time giving them work and something to do.

An advantage of this system is that many of this areas are already within the protection of U.N troops, the troops already deployed along with the logistics and everything else required to keep them there can be gradually replaced by the refugees with the added advantage that they are locals, this could also include defensive militia units to help in the creation of safe zones where it is needed.

The refugee camps along the routes will when possible send people back within the chain, according to skills, family members, region, etc, creating an “inverse immigration” and reducing costs for aid and troop deployment, in the conflict zones, when possible they will continue to move back into the country or at the very least grow its local economy back to the country, other camps and the neighboring states.


In conclusion the system is based on a series of refugee/towns going from the conflict zone and the immediate response refugee camp all the way up the countries harboring refugees, it will try to create an inverted immigration, by relocating refugees according to skills or training them depending on necessities, then it will try to create a local economy for this cities, that will eventually trade with their neighbours and create safe zones as militia along U.N troops in the conflict area, recolonizing the country and reducing costs for aid and troop deployment.

Hotspots, Control zones and refugees reintegration

The Papantla Flyers Strategy

Also known as gang stalking.

The papantla flyer strategy is the use of local agents and an international pool to target individuals, groups and affect local policies, it is based upon an anonymity matrix created on the social interactions that exist within a specific situation, it uses corruption, blackmail, ideologies and a sense of power derived from acquired techniques during indoctrination to expand upon the local believes system.

The local agents  those used by judicial and intelligence agencies, recruited through blackmail or money, however they can only have a regional role or a temporary one, until their services are no longer required, however once they have gone through this process they are trapped within the security matrix system an extreme example is the witness protection programs for the regional agents, for the temporal ones they are now trapped within the narrative by the unwritten social norms of the area they inhabit, they might be used for a single action or a long period ranging from days to months beyond that the matrix will start to extend within their lives.

The international pool uses similar methods, however indoctrination  has a stronger anonymity base and local along with personal beliefs system, and thus it can be exploited by outsiders, for indoctrination it may start with blackmail upon access to the targeted individual personnel files, it will use this information to “fish” the individual by using automatic bots and a tag system for other human bots to target using a scrabble like strategy that will mirror the targeted individual actions, but always maintaining a plausible deniability, so as to force the individual to notice it but creating a sense that there is nothing that can be done about it.The scrabble like strategy will try and narrow the individual into a specific group response so it might be used or recruited within a subgroup and the matrix itself, the same process of indoctrination teaches this.

After this is achieved the same technique can be carried into the physical world, by which point the indoctrinated will use similar techniques on a local area, by following the tag and scrabble method, they will do it due to blackmail believing the source it’s their local government, belonging in a similar basis or to some ideology targeting the individual, as they have learned the techniques and plausible deniability besides they now feel encouraged and protected by an external force or pressured due to intimidation, this might be exploited by local security agencies however first they will have to know and second they do not have the legal basis to intervene nor the technical ones.

The system is simple enough and once done it will grow by itself, creating subgroups within existing cultures, making individual targeting exponentially simple, although technology can be added to it this will require local agents active participation, different than the international pool this one only requires a remote computer, that will keep data of X number of indoctrinated individuals and targets, the remote location computer will receive what the targeted individual is doing, schedules, and what it has seen or posted in its personal computer/phone/tablet/etc, and generate a scrabble/metaphor response for the indoctrinated agent, which will when available post or use if the targeted individual will see it, this could include commands like go to x place, the system will also send similar commands to the targeted individual with the expectation he will see them and thus create a communication matrix, this allows the system to function by itself from anyplace on the globe, categorizing and localizing tagged ad indoctrinated individuals, communication to indoctrinated individuals can also be accomplished through commonly used websites, post and bots, this same bots can be used to follow the targeted individual at different intervals, for example in comments at the same time this tags the individual and allows the indoctrinated from anywhere to give generic responses with the use of passive agressive methods, this also will go unto the physical world as the indoctrinated will use this techniques as a regular basis, specialy those within the ideology localized paradigm.

The communication matrix can be created through adds, bots, news feeds, notifications, power surges, other individual, etc.Eventualy it will take root within specific groups or communities, creating subgroups withi them msimplifying the process as only few beacons are needed reducing the infromation flow.

This same system might be used for other purposes although they will require active participation,  more technology can be added to this system making it more effective, some technology and what can be accomplishe is explained below.

The simple way to solve this problem is to keep a private and a public log of activities, regular and unexpected ones, wait for them to use a passive agressive action or a scrabble technique and record them using public space cameras and private ones, then make a traffic comparison of the places you visited on different times to see how traffic changes when you go along your regular routes and unexpected ones, confronting them will also show their reaction all this is enough evidence of the situation, and you will get a few if a  lawsuit follows, once the system reacomodates itself it will gradually stop in intensity and  eventualy stop, however due to the way it works based on plausible deniabilty, straggles will remain, however they will be dealt with along with the ongoing lawsuit if they persist, so they become irrelevant unless they remain within your daily routes.This method will also tell you when you are under actual surveillance and what type of equipment they mightt be using, however actual surveillance does not want to be seen so it is unlikely you will encounter both at the same time.


The use of this technologies is relatively easy to spot at least those within the physical realm, as they will require active vigilance, so they remain within the possibilities, however some of them could be covertly used, if the city infrastructure itself allows it, nevertheless this could be verified and it will imply for the time being that its capabilities cannot exceed those explained in the diagram.

The Papantla Flyer stratagem


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Weapons Control and the open acces CCTV system.

The problem with the argument of gun control to stop mass shootings is that it lacks logical continuity, there are places where it has reduced gun violence but there are other places where it has increased it at a much larger scale than those places where it has worked, there is also the historical problems gun control has had, wich are  many more and worse than those examples where it has  worked in  current times.

Another problem is that mass shooting or regular homicides will also require banning several items that  in different contexts will be more effective than a gun, for example a flamethrower, a pipe bomb, a car  or even a knife in a dark closed space like a disco, so here we see again a lack of logical continuity on what will have to be banned or how will it be regulated.

Gun regulation or the banning of specific weapon types, does not take into consideration what the weapon is actually made for, a pistol or an automatic rifle in this context will vary in range but the real problem is where and how it is used.This weapons were made to shoot incoming enemies and to sustain fire, so even high capacity magazines although they will increase their potential in mass shootings they will remain as effective as the context in which they are used, close space, high ground, lack of cover and lack of escape routes.

The government tyranny situation  does not take into consideration that modern states are bound by other states, this is the first wall they encounter unlike those in the past, this allows them to disarm their citizens since tyranny and invasion is prevented by other states intervention , still this are   weapons monopolies at a larger scale and they have  lead to unfavorable conditions for those unarmed and the conditions that allow them to do this can change.

A world without weapons will require enough checks and balances between government, corporations and private citizens that they will not be capable to  make any type of weapon ever, hidden somewhere.This problem  will continue to grow with new technology, and so it’s unlikely that it would  be possible to keep track of everything and most likely undesirable as the cost will outweigh the benefits,  the construction could take place somewhere hidden as it has happened in the past during war and peacetime, trying to accomplish this will be exponentially more difficult and  dangerous, since at any given time a cascade effect might occur.

A solution to this problem could be construction and security regulations, making the cities, villages and public places a deterrent by themselves, treating this actions as an accident or natural disaster like a fire, for example: bouncers and armories in discos or designated public places, escape routes (a fire will be equally or more devastating than a shooter) hard cover like pillars and walls indoors and outdoors, bumpers, alarms in windows   and open public security cameras.

The solution  within the city system itself , will reduce the damage when this attacks do happen, along with the other benefits on accidents and regular crime, it will also reduce the need for security checks  for certain weapons or items as the system  functions like a deterrent, finaly open access CCTV broadcast will remove security monopolies by state agents, having only the function of recording the action and the routes.

In conclusion weapons bans, brings more problems than solutions, all the arguments for it have happened against it in the past and present with worst consequences, they lack logical continuity for the banning process  on what will be considered a weapon and in what context or how far the bans it will have to go, finally regulations attack a type of weapon that has little relevance on what it can actually do, how? and where? it will be more or less effective compared with something else.

Open acces CCTV system