Legal Disclaimer macross-prototypes-Ai-consuls

Legal disclaimer

timeline-timestamps-lawsuits and everything else about the lagal procedure are in the rcp sections and subsections.

No official response yet, and no other reason for the macross similarities cyberattack followed/following, spotted and documented surveillance along with the « other » people, functioning for someone else or send by the time-need.path set by this specific situation.

The war algorithm is the last thing that can come out of the information that was inside the usb, the difference being ,the guns themselves that simplify the automatization process, this means that this was not necessarily known by however started the « search » on me, distributed the info or was looking for where the information came from, this is so because the system was written and thought for small intervention units of private military contractors, thus the system was well suited for this pourpose as will be shown later in this article, the info was also contained in two different « realities », standard squad tactics of overlapping fields of fire, and history/law/science fiction, making it « invisible » by just glancing at it, thus i felt there was no inmmediate danger, besides the specific weapons listed that could have triggered a red flag, leading to this information.

Regardless of what happened the only real red flags were the cheap helicopter and anti satelite missile and the missile shield that also come from the same general idea, but didnt had the formula to use them even if it could have been reverse engineered and the battlegroups for a small military strike force that will have been almost similar in paractice to what youll find in any military manual.

The AI altough based in the Rex-Command tank and the small carrier lacked the formula that allow the drones and carries to be autonomous thus they will have been seen only as a different doctrine, that might or might not have worked, because the rex tank used the drones as defensive and recon units and the carrier was a smaller version used for « mining ».

On the legal profit anyone trying to use them will have found himself in the same situation as i did, weapons companies are mostly goverment owned or subsidiaries so selling the systems will have been difficult as they will have been built anyway by someone else with different configurations due to the « intelligence » wall, so they could only have been presented as an specific piece of equipment and not as a general idea for any profit.

The AI that allows the hardware to function is somewhat similar to the one used by the cyberwar entity, it will set up command centers and launch macross attackas depending on the target responses, it will blend in between regular adds, news feeds and contacts, but time stamps, unknown activity by the user, overall context, continuity and the loctions of where the site is located will show its there, so its not based only on personalised news feed but on an overall idea, that will detect it like a search engine, so its beyond google, social media or anything else through the use of autonomous consuls, they will just send the information from all different sources available depending on context and response, like my specific case wich will go on forever, regardless of ip, or other methods as it already detects the names and overall idea, so it blends between automatic follow up streams, available sources and very likely other supercomputers specifically designed for such pourpose.

Altough there are probably at least a few of them guiding some large plan, there could be any number of smaller « consuls » sending and recovering information, so most likely they will reamain for indefinite periods of time as they target the user, however the longer it goes the more the context is lost, nevertheless it could create other situations unknown for the user by directly targeting it, using a system like the papantla flyers strategy, wich is probably what is used by the cyberwar entities, you can follow the time stamps and the macross used in my facebook timeline and twitter also in the rcp-legal disclaimer-archive categories, to be able to see it you have to crossreference posts from lanovela and srvkynan streaming, but its not entirely necessary, the macross are divided in short segments usually between 3 to 9 post and some other post that signals a separation, the post also are continous meaning they will probably have less than 2 minutes for each segment, here you can see the index for the « characters in the timelines » and the entity « sci-fi story ».

As for the contents of the usb-s,hard drives etc. only the sci-fi and pmc were in the same place or folders, and thats the only thing that can be taken from the sci/fi, the shield, carriers and tank, they all follow a similar pattern once the AI is understood, this means that once i figured out the AI and consecuences i created the sci-fi story, wich was added as a buffer given the somewhat low probability of someone actualy reading it and guessing and even if they did, they could not have know i knew for certain or would have use it regardless.

Coincidentaly regardless of why the attack was done, it goes back to the PMCs although in a different way and the increased need for security for the larger buffer zones created by UFOs , this also shows the connection between the weapons, the games and its consecuences, and how someone could have guessed it from my data.

The AA was somewhere in those files and its not inmediately relevant to the rest but is the simplest to understand, however it does require the formula to be cost/effective, this is similar to the missile shield and the tank shields.

There is also the problem of the timeline for makng the weapons public to avoid any repercussion legal or other type, since depending on when, where and the weapons released, it could have different economic and social repercussions.

The timeline looks like this*****.aa-missiles/ anti-satellite missile/carriers/squads/missile-shield/tank-shields/rex-tank-ai .

This is also more or less how i wrote it the first time.

I didnt have social media before 2010 or so and it didnt have any personnal information that will allow identification without knowing what to look for my personnal communications was only through e-mail or phonecalls and my current social media was initialy created with the pourpose of documenting this situation altough it still does that, is now used for everything else, i currently do not have acces to old accounts (altough i have tried to acces them)but there is nothing there, before that the information was stored in a usb but was moved between different hard-drives and computers wich might or might not have had personnal information in any case the usb is lost.

Between the accident regular investigations and the cyberattacks followed by the unknown people acting like surveillance (gangstalking) it took around 2 and half years before it all got together, this is before the almost 2 and a half years i was in bed due to the injuries i had, so eventually the situation became unavoidable, but not obvious as to what it really was.

Most likely scenario is an investigation following the accident i had wich was also followed by some other agency and eventualy by whoever had acces to the data files elsewhere in the world.

In any case all systems are required for the jericho and enough time has passed for everything except the AI, that was recently released and as of now it only has one pourpose, since anything else will be done by some other type of guiding system, so basically there were two real threats the jericho wich is no longer a threat and the ai, wich could become an ever increasing threath.

The city is the law-system required to survive the buffer zone and technological progress, at the worst-case scenario, that will force people to inhabit them.

The Red Cat project game which will be renamed, it takes the worst possible scenario for the « battlegroups » to appear in the « buffer-zones » outside the « city » operating autonomously, by the « war » algorithm, here is a video that simplifies the AI, army regular operations and the REX command tank operation, using the net strategy wich is a mix of ambush and kite tactics.


The to be or not to be is a byproduct of the autonomous weapon systems, since they can be deployed, on “other peoples battlefields” and it will be difficult to find out who did it.

Something similar will happen in the buffer zones since “strategic choke points” will exist for any third party to attack, as the most obvious ones will be visible for everyone that is paying attention and those closer to the area may not want to take action for it is counterproductive to their interest, thus reducing in a certain way their offensive operational area.

This has the advantage of creating a buffer peace, as all the “shields” will be deployed almost simultaneously, thus skipping the internal chaos these tactics could create if they had been deployed with the Jericho.

Finally this seems to create a new apparently universal continuity doctrine since a similar thing will happen on land/sea/air and space since even distant future combat space fleets seem to be bound by this rules.

Doctrine and missile defense.

Modern military doctrine relies on speed and air superiority, airstrikes, speed, control points.

So at the beginning of an invasion, there will be a rush to target any strategic position and then control areas will be established, from these areas a speed and support approach will be used at selected targets. a battle group will control a large area and move when needed,

This new doctrine functions with the birdshot AA, it simply moves with as little equipment as possible to occupy a large area, thus reducing the battlegroups offensive operational area.

This is possible because weapon systems are now able to operate autonomously, for prolonged periods of time without the need of an upper network and they could be UFOS meaning deployed by anyone from anywhere.

This also creates a new type of warfare, similar to submarine warfare, except that this system most likely will remain dormant like mines and move along the perimeter of larger targets and their own autonomous defenses.

Something similar will happen on land, at its simplest form the weapons are multitarget-landmines that will be scattered on the battlefield, with battlegroups support, the difference with the sea ones, is that they will be cheaper, and destroying them not cost/time effective, at the same time this will create buffer zones, since defense will be made easier, forcing the attacker to mass its forces somewhere in a cost/benefit paradigm, similar to what the birdshot and the space missile defense systems will create once deployed in several countries, as they will overlap each other and be backed by precision/speed made current ones, instead of the prepositioned vector prototypes of the birdshot and space missile defense.

The AA will reduce stealth effectiveness, for each independent gun guarding an area, as the guns only need to know how many there are and where, to increase their accuracy, unlike current AI systems that require the AA to bypass aircraft’s stealth and like with the missiles a few hits will disable the aircraft.

Using both systems AA batteries could be guarded by missile shields and if possible supported by precision anti-air systems, like the iron dome. S-400 series or any other, thus reducing ranges against ground targets that had been increasing over time, and increasing them for unarmored air targets.

The Jericho

The Jericho is the action that in theory could have created major power vacuums if used at the right time, there are two ways in which this could have been accomplished, the first one is if the birdshot missile defense creating a large military intervention they could have been used right from the start, if they cannot or it’s not that easy they will require a long war to be used constantly however this will need to be done in such a way that retreat it’s not possible.

The second case is much less dangerous since at worst a retreat will have been enough, not being many reasons for most to remain in hostile territory.

The first case used at different places and attacking different targets could have created a chain reaction, anywhere in the world where it was used, by someone not directly involved in the conflict due to the simplicity of the weapon system, this could also be used with the « entity » to spread propaganda before and after.

Most likely scenarios

There are two most likely scenarios the videogames dilemma that will be explained below and an attack this second scenario will require knowledge of the independent ai systems, however its repercussions are limited by time, it will simply set a target me for example and launch cyberattacks to get a political reaction, however in this case the reaction wanted was the buffer zones created by the new weapons, wich it forced me to publish, nevertheless given the time passed this is its only inmmediate repercussion until the systems start functioning on a regular basis.

Or the attack was aimed at the weapons and not the ai, however this will show an external threat, given the end result created by the new ai and its buffer zones, along with my own personnal history, because of this facts the first scenario is the most likely one, however its quite possible the attack was used anyway or dragged along the weapons/ai situation, at least the attack is verifiable by me and documented as mentioned above.

The videogames dilemma

There is now a similar problem for the new squads and their individual AI for them to function. should they be released inmmediatly or just leave the AI as it is, and after that when should they be released.

For practical pourposes videogames and simulations allow anyone for the time being to bypass goverment rules on weapons manufacture.

This could also be the most practical political reason since the information seems to have been out there for some time or at least there are many similarities specifically the AI and consequences, but no practical application for anyone except superpowers due to connection issues 5g and so on until now, this also means that there was no direct connection between the networked AI and my independent autonomous AI except for what was implied, by the sci-fi story contained within the same files.

From my own point of view enough time has passed for anyone interested in the AI or its weapons along with its political repercussions, or the claim of intellectual property rights, they could have done it already since no one knew about the « independent » AI systems, (no one did to my knowledge or there isnt any evidence of doctrines adjusting to this new dilemma so far).

The macross used in the cyber attacks show and understanding of the consequences and knowledge of the weapons but fail to see the consecunces caused by the new systems, at any point in time, at the same time this forces the publication of the weapons but it also allows me to just ignore the AI.

So the political reason will be the autonomous weapon systems and its consecuences wich vary between the networked and the independent systems, for the networked systems the issue is tyranny, for the independent systems the issue is similar however they will likely affect already vulnerable zones, creating even larger security buffer zones, refugees, etc.

Basically they create an ever increasing danger around the world, the more zones are lost and the better and more widespread this weapons get.

For me its just a matter of continuing what i was already doing, on a side note if none of this had happened i could just have waited until a relative peace time period to directly publish the AI, the squads or the weapons so it does show a political motivation knowing that the AI was a possibility or a blind guess that went past the point of no return, however this has its own problems as mentioned above.

For the overall legal situation you can visit this covers any other reason that might arise, and it was created following this very specific situation so basically the weapons created the situation, the situation created the site.

The weapons


rcp holdings publication

Current Situation and explanation of the possible repercussions, motivations.

After being on surveillance for a while, they left and came back three times, the surveillance was changed to what i assumed was provocations (done by people perceived as vulnerable up close and far away by regulars) this went on for a while, until enough evidence was collected, and a lawsuit was presented, along with a request to human rights for access to the see if there was some sort of investigation against me, none work as both told me they couldn’t do anything, however the provocations stopped, gradually.

But at the same time they increased on the virtual world (the provocations were based upon mentioning indirectly something i’ve just said or did recently through the internet) this went on for a while, in different manners and in some cases they were accompanied by physical provocations (sound, claxons, energy discharges) with the apparent aim to make me notice something in the internet (a post, news or some bot) after some time the post started focusing on weapons (more than usual) and in some cases in a follow up manner about specific weapons.

This went on from around:

-actual surveillance november 2014


-provocations which i later identified as gang stalking marz -2015 lawsuit presented on  september 18 2015.october 21 2015 presented to the district attorney.


-mixed 27 november 2015- june 2016 varied intensity. (cyber stalking accompanied of outside noises with the apparent motive to make me notice something.


-reduced “gang stalking” august 2015 april 2016 cyber and physical, along with what seemed actual surveillance, varying intensity.

On 2016 the situation changed a little, this was noticeable through my facebook news feed, it started sending more weapons post than normal, eventually they were chained together, this was my first weapons post on RCP weapon systems page (cluster ammunitions satellite) after this the chain post increased.

At this point the situation changed as the way in which they were chained together referenced the rest of the weapons posted on the same page (they never existed in the actual format)  and are theoretical, nevertheless their capabilities, and repercussions along with the situation itself, “forced me” to post them.

By november 2016 there was a “metaphorical conversation” about this ( juicio facebook page). until somewhat the present time, followed at times by bots (the papantla flyer strategy).

The problem

The actual surveillance with no apparent reason, the gang stalking which was obvious and continued after the weapons were there in physical and virtual form ( one can assume actual surveillance was present the entire time national and international).

The capabilities and repercussions of the weapons, if it was a model or something else it could be dismissed as surveillance and fishing for information. (which might have been how it started) however given the assumption of actual surveillance along with, “civilian and automatised gang stalking, and the weapons capabilities this is dismissed, as the only way they could get information on the systems, using this technique  is the way they got it, in a public post.

The weapons

The first one was closely related to the papantla flyer strategy technology, the cluster ammunition anti satellite missile.

The others are based upon this same model, the birdshot missile defense and the Anti Air battery.

In theory (with a high probability of functioning) they could have significant implications on the geopolitical landscape.

Besides their basic explanation no more information has been given concerning them, at least not directly,(the metaphorical conversation continues).

The reasons and facts


They were fishing for information
They had partial knowledge of the systems

There were “bots” following this conversation seemingly unaware of what it was actually about.
It was done in a way that the information fishing got mixed with the “gang stalking” and the surveillance.
Neither stopped regardless of what it was.
The “bots” stopped recently, or seemingly realizing this,  got more discreet, or not they actually had a purpose, this remains unknown from my point of view.


They got the information although apparently not all of it.
They changed and are trying to fish for more or some other similar reason.

They are looking for a motive (there can’t be one due to the reasons explained)
They are trying to anticipate a response, logically this can only be to get more information, given the continuity of the facts, nothing else will make sense.

The information fishing had to be done with a purpose, else i will have no other reason to acknowledge its existence, this along with their theoretical capabilities, and the evident gangstalking  implies previous partial knowledge and expected result.



Them withholding it is natural response, as similar prototypes might exist in other countries.
Continuing with the same implies fishing for the rest of the weapons information.
The gangstalking varying in intensity implies either censorship,  repercussions elsewhere or a specific purpose.

Ignoring this, is due to the last three factors mentioned., along with actual  judicial cause to do anything or acknowledge that they were, except for the private companies involved, which might be there either as victims, accomplices, curious or bystanders.

 My reasons

Witholding the information now, will not change anything except being copied as another prototype.
It was not done in a clear format for its theoretical repercussions. (there is no choice now)
Waiting to publish more details or info on the other weapons, is  to avoid the existing prototype problem.
Detailing information is a response to the techniques used, the lack  of any direct conversation or response by any of the parties involved, mixed with the  possible repercussions for all including the « bots », gangstalkers, surveillance, particulars, etc, wich incidentaly the repercussions are never  directly affecting  me, except for the actual surveillance (wich its back and at some point they seem to want to be seminoticed).

 (see the papantla flyer strategy for more information on a simple way to accomplish this).

Changes will continue to be reported in this sections for this reasons.


Resumen de Hechos

Debido a vigilancia continua, se crearon  logs privados y  públicos, en diferentes formatos, movimientos, resúmenes periódicos públicos, y un log con time stamps, lo mismo para la vigilancia electrónica usando diferentes herramientas,, se juntó evidencia, tanto en cámaras públicas como privadas, así como también en lugares públicos, a raíz de esto la situación comenzó a variar de intensidad,pero comenzó a incorporar entidades internacionales virtuales (bots) lo más probable, usando una técnica similar de visitas realizadas a diferentes sitios, comentarios o post realizados en el internet en muchas ocasiones estas coinciden, con la fisica y otras no, se presento toda la evidencia al ministerio público, la vigilancia física bajo y desaparecio (aunque esto ya habia sucedido en algun momento) el ministerio publico no me dio ninguna solucion, tambien se presentaron las pruebas ante derechos humanos para tener acceso a algún expediente de investigación, eventualmente por el medio electrónico, los BOTs comenzaron ha hacer alusión a una situación muy específica, pero demostrando no tener conocimiento exacto independientemente de si o no la naturaleza de esta informacion hicieron irrelevante cualquier otra respuesta a la que di y guarde en otro log, imitando la forma de comunicación.

Las acciones se asemejan a un problema internacional el gang stalking, aunado a vigilancia regular  sus objetivos pueden ser variados, pero hay tres factores importantes a tomar en consideración,, 1.- la naturaleza de la información, 2.- La continuidad a pesar del punto número 1 y 3.-La internacionalidad de ambas.

Las pruebas presentadas son suficiente como evidencia, el procedimiento es simple, se hace un log privado y uno público que contenga « timestamps », se marcan los hechos y se toman fotos, se intenta conversar con estos individuos, y se graba su reacción, se hace una comparación del tráfico peatonal en promedio por las rutas marcadas en el log, contra las timestamps  que quedan guardadas en el diario y las fotos , este mismo procedimiento es usado para el medio virtual, la prueba más simple es la probabilidad de estos actos, aunados al tiempo y la cantidad, esto es suficiente para al menos detener al individuo, finalmente esto también indica que tipo vigilancia hay.


Desaparecieron casi completamente de mis trayectos, sin embargo de vez en cuando alguno anda por ahi, que puede ser vigilancia real o algún perdido dada la naturaleza de estas técnicas.Ninguno ha intentado conversar conmigo hasta ahora, los que quedan ahora mantienen una distancia considerable al momento de hacer alguna acción sospechosa,,la evidencia y a las denuncias oficiales están guardadas públicamente, por la naturaleza de la situación en general como se hizo desde un principio , antes de la alucion a la información específica, debido a esto también se mantendrán todos los logs y resúmenes en caso de que la situacion  cambie.


Si la situación se repite la misma técnica es utilizada y es añadida a las denuncias existentes, si hay algún cambio  éste será registrado por este medio.

Log públicos


Log publico de actividad virtual específica ejemplificando la conversación metafórica, representando un hecho específico ligado a la naturaleza de la información especifica.

The papantla flyers strategy of gang stalking.
Diagrama y explicación practica de como funcionan estos sistemas basado en mi experiencia, fácil y barato de realizar.